Thursday, October 9, 2008

The basic function of AUTOCAD

*Drawing aids. AutoCAD provides orthogonal, to capture the target, the polar axis tracking, tracing, and other graphics to capture aids. Orthogonal functions so that users can easily draw the level of vertical straight line, to help pick up the object to capture the geometric object on the particular point, and tracking functions so that the painting and a slash in different directions along the anchor easier.
*Graphics editor. AutoCAD with powerful editing features, you can move, copy, rotate, array, stretching, extended cut, zoom, and other objects.
*Three-dimensional graphics. Can create a 3D CAD model of the surface and entities, the entity itself can be edited.
*Network. Graphics can be released on the network, or network access through AutoCAD resources.
*Data exchange. AutoCAD provides a wide range of graphics image data interchange format and the corresponding order.
*Secondary development. AutoCAD allows users to customize menus and toolbars, and the use of language embedded Autolisp, Visual Lisp, VBA, ADS, ARX, such as the development of a second

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